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christmas time

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So it is finally christmas time 🙂

diary part1

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So I decided to actually maintain this blog for real and add some highlights of my day 🙂

So lets start with today:
For the first time we used the car to get to work and so far it is a 100% positive experience, even though there was a little traffic jam it was much more relaxed than taking the train.
Otherwise nothing special so far but the day isnt over yet. Plan is still to go for run but more relaxing short one after yesterday’s 100km bike ride.

rule #1

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Day 10

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We explored the northwest of Chengdu today. First we went to Huanhuaxi Park, the largest park in Chengdu. Right next to it is Du Fu Thatched Cottage, a park and museum in honour of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu.

In the evening we went to the Sichuan Opera that is pretty different from what we call an opera but still worth seeing.

Finally we also managed to eat Hot Pot, a tradtional thing here. It is a huge pot filled with soup and you put all the things you wanna eat in there and let them cook for a while. Usually it is spicy like hell but we also had a milder version next to the spicy one.

Day 9

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Souvenir-hunting was the plan for today but was not very successful. First we went to Jinli Street, a small area next to Wuhu Temple that looks like small old village and is packed with souvenir stores and food places. Looks really nice but still I couldnt find nice things there.

Next stop was the “Wide and Narrow Alley” again but also nothing there.

In the evening we gave the Wushu Monastery a new chance for Souvenirs but it was a bit too late, so I guess we have to go back there again.

Day 8

link Posted on 2014-02-24 14:36:20

Finally we went to the Panda bears 🙂 They are soooo cute and lazy. Sleeping or resting the whole day. I like their lifestyle 😉 One small Panda went 3 steps and decided to rest again. so cute!

Then I went to “Computer City”. So confusing and weird. Actually I went there to get a mirco SD card but once I arrived I just wanted to go out again…

Day 7

link Posted on 2014-02-23 12:32:28

It is sunday today, so a day to chillex and relax. We took the metro to “Global Center”- the biggest building in the world.

Some parts of it are hotels, a water park, ice-skating ring and of course a mall. But mainly expensive stuff.

For dinner it was sichuan food again which was prepared directly at the table.

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